Unpatched Android App with 1 Billion Downloads Threatens Spying, Malware

Would be attackers are able to exploit SHAREit permissions to execute malicious code through vulnerabilities that remain unpatched three months after application owners were notified of the vulnerabilities.

To make it worse its an Android app that has been downloaded over 1 billion times and is rife for exploitation that can let hackers hijack features or overwrite existing files to execute malicious code on mobile devices.

The vulnerabilities exist in an app called SHAREit  which allows Android users to share files between devices. The vulnerabilities were identified and reported to the app maker three months ago by researchers at Trend Micro. However, unbelievably, the flaws remain unpatched, according to a report posted online Monday 15th February 2021. 

Softonic, based in Barcelona, Spain, is the app’s developer and distributor.